Power of the brand

binôche is a Belgian brand that prides itself on its roots. Our collections are designed in Antwerp and manufactured in France and Italy. By working closely with our production companies and sharing know-how, expertise and vision we create frames that are as unique as the people who wear them.This year we celebrate twenty years of creating revealing eye-catchers.

Our take on eyewear is what gives our brand its characteristic personality. Our glasses aren’t just meant to improve sight, they’re little works of art.

Evoking emotions

We love what we do. Much like art, it’s about evoking emotions. Design is not just about creating a shape, it’s about shaping an idea.We bring out a secret self and expose it in all its splendour. What is art if not unique, individual and personal?

Only by creating the right framework for inner beauty can its truest nature be fully revealed and appreciated.